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The Aura Wings Mercenary Brigade are a RPG writing group based in an alternative universe of Battletech. The group operates on the system provided at


The Aura Wings are an MRBC registered mercenary unit recognized as a Brigade-sized formation. Founded in 3076 amidst Operation Lorelai and the beginning of the Marik Civil War, the unit has had a volatile history in it's twenty year existence, but grew quickly thanks to a series of fortunate happenings early on. The Aura Wings were originally composed of a single squadron of fighters with a Leopard-CV class fighter carrier, and have a reputation for aerial prowess. Today the unit is a mixed-arms brigade, but still specializes in aerospace.

History Edit

Inception Edit

The Aura Wings were founded by Gina Flannigan, Sean McConnaghy, and Jacob Brockton on 15 April 3076 at the Department of Mercenary Management's Alice Springs, Australia Complex on Terra. Captain Gina Flannigan, as was her original rank from the DMM, was a young native of the Outworlds Alliance, trained in the Alliance military but went AWOL to pursue a career in the military. The venture was spurred by her meeting Sean McConnaghy while he was on a business trip in the periphery power, and he funded the unit's startup. They rendezvoused with Jake Brockton on Terra, Flannigan's contact inside the mercenary world and the pilot who would serve as the initial Executive Officer. McConnaghy had experience as a commercial pilot, but had no desire to risk himself in combat it turned out.

Using funds provided by McConnaghy, Flannigan was able to purchase a Leopard-CV class carrier that was dubbed the 'Leding Edge', a compliment of aerospace fighters and other necessary equipment. Several skilled pilots were hired, attracted by above-average salaries offered with McConnaghy's financial backing. The most notable was Lieutenant Yang Zhi, who had been trained in one of the Capellan Confederation's famed Warrior Houses. The Aura Wings also had a squad of marines headed by Master Sergeant Eckhart Jaeger at their inception. The personnel and equipment met piecemeal on Terra during 3076, and it was in October of 3077 that they embarked on their first mission.

First Employer: House Liao (3077 - 3078) Edit

The Aura Wings were first employed by Ambassador Terrance Lee Xan of House Liao during the uprisings in the Brisbane system on the edge of Capellan space. Due to their lack of a reputation and small force size, they could not procure very lucrative or desirable work upon formation. But they set about in June of 3077 towards their first tour, arriving in the Brisbane system in early October with partial assistance from their employer with JumpShip scheduling.

The scope of the mission was to supplement the air forces of the Kingston's Victoria Commonality Rangers, who had suffered losses to their aerospace support during the suppression of the rebellion and during the short war with the Taurian Concordat they had participated in. Upon arriving, they began providing general support, CAP and patrol duties under the command of Sang-shao Mara Kingston. Things went smoothly and without incident for the first month of their employment.

Things got interesting in late November however, when it was discovered that the rebellion on Brisbane was actually being supported by a pirate cell that had bases among Brisbane's moons that had been previously undetected due to clever position and careful traffic on the part of the pirates. The pirate group was rather small, but well run. The ringleader was Jonathan Randals, a Taurian national and formerly a naval officer in the Taurian military. They were equipped, better equipped than the Aura Wings were at the time, but the Victoria Commonality Rangers were to follow Captain Flannigan in once they located Randals. The Aura Wings had been scheduled to end their employment in February, but due to the discovery of the pirates, their mission was extended and their pay was upgrade. A welcome boon after McConnaghy had paid out a decent sum for transportation on their way from Terra.

For the next several months the Aura Wings worked together with the Kingston's VCR and a specialist Maskirova agent that Ambassador Xan had assigned them for their extended operation, Fang Jie. The Pirates were located in the shadow of Brisbaine's largest moon, and a final assault in August of 3078 at the right time had Randals in Maskirova captivity and the cell's heart ripped out. Unfortunately, the Executive Officer, Jacob Brockton, was killed during the final raid as he had been aboard the station. The Aura Wings first campaign was officially a success, but at great personal loss to the unit.

Second Employer: House Kurita (3078 - 3081) Edit

Using proceeds from their Brisbaine contract, which turned out to be more successful than expected, and some salvage from the defeated pirates the Aura wings expanded. A second fighter wing was added, and the unit acquired a second DropShip: the Union-upgrade class 'Morning's Glory'. One of the perks of the DMM had been the subsidy of unit expansion through special deals on what were usually DropShips, an incentive based on performance and reliability to your employer. The Aura Wings took advantage of this through the subsidized purchase of the ship. They also acquired their first BattleMechs: a lance of older model medium and heavy 'Mechs.

The most lucrative offer next made to Gina Flannigan came from House Kurita, who was embroiled in a small war on their border with the Rasalhague Dominion. Yang Zhi was promoted to First Lieutenant and named the unit's new Executive Officer, and they embarked for Draconis space. They took with them Capellan recruits and former military personnel to swell their ranks before their next assignment. In December of 3078 they arrived in the Kiamba system where they had been ordered to perform garrison duties while awaiting deployment, and spent two months there until February of 3079. Once called up, the Aura Wings were able to embark on a series of raids and participate in invasions. They destroyed an experimental defensive space station Clan Ghost Bear had put into orbit over Sternwerde, making way for the invasion and annexation of the system by the 5th Pesht Regulars. They then helped defend against the subsequent counterattack by the Dominion, which was repulsed.

Six months later the Aura Wings found themselves on Toffen, again going in advance of an invasion force and stirring up local resistance while targeting Dominion military infrastructure and supply chains with air strikes. They performed guerilla operations until relieved by the 2nd Alshain Regulars and a gunship flotilla, and within a few additional months Toffen was annexed by House Kurita. During the operation however, Captain Flannigan was injured and fell into a state of comatose, from which she did not awake for years.

Galtor, Marduk and the Star League Edit

The Aura Wings licked their wounds and expanded further with the good pay and salvage they had earned in the campaign against the Rasalhague Dominion, and now Lieutenant Commander Yang Zhi was named the new Executive Officer. The new Commanding Officer became Marcus Naslund, an officer transferred from the DCMS to help supplement the Aura Wings' personnel losses in the Toffen campaign at the behest of Ambassador Mitsuhide.

In early 3080 the Aura Wings were next contracted to garrison Galtor, training a new Planetary Defense Force on Galtor III at the command of Warlord Boris Petroff. Their known intention was to participate in the retaking of the Marduk system, a world long contested between Davion and Kurita. In mid June they set out with the 1st Sword of Light and the newly trained and equipped Galtor Planetary Defense Force for Marduk, supported by the Tatsumaki-class 'Lair of Mighty Wyrms'. Marduk was heavily defended by the 4th Davion Guards and 2nd Robinson Rangers, as well as a fleet of combat DropShips. However, the campaign became known as the 'Marduk Incident' when the 2nd and 22nd Divisions are dispatched to Marduk as peacekeepers, but intense fighting between them breaks out. The Star League Divisions annihilate each other, and the Draconis troops withdraw during the fighting rather than get involved in the chaotic situation. This helps lead to the break down in relations between House Kurita and the then current iteration of the Star League.

Return to the Confederation and Kuritinization (3081 - 3082) Edit

Despite the Kuritanization of the unit, including a name change to 'Akki Tsubasa', which is Japanese for 'Demon Wings', under Commander Marcus Naslund, the bulk of the Aura Wings returned to the Capellan Confederation, contracted for security duty amidst the various attacks in the realm by the Word of Blake. They were quickly re-routed to Pojos, where the Vong's Grenadiers were under siege by the 89th Shadow Division, and attempted to rescue the Capellan unit. They ended up conducting a guerilla campaign however, using the dense jungles of Pojos to wear down the Blakists slowly, eventually defeating them with the help of the Grenadiers.

It was during this time that the Akki Tsubasa Special Forces was formed, later renamed to the Aura Black Ops. Pojos was their first mission, and they were instrumental in making contact with Vong's Grenadiers and conducting espionage and collecting intelligence on the Word of Blake forces in the Pojos system. Gaining valuable experience in Capellan employment, the ATSF was ordered to split into several more squads and train or recruit new personnel for expansion in response to their initial success.

Pirates in the Lyran Periphery (3082 - 3083) Edit

In their form as the Akki Tsubasa, Commander Naslund next signed the unit up with House Steiner. They were sent to Poulsbo, a little known planet of mild important one jump away from Circinus. The system had experienced elevated levels of pirate raiding, which the Wings were sent to subdue. A major raid came within four months of their arrival, and they got more of a fight than they had expected. Like most pirates however, the attackers were not well equipped and mostly just attempted to draw the defenders away while they raided for loot and supplies. Along with the local militia however, the Wings bloodied them until the pirates turned tail and were later captured in system by Lyran naval assets, thus solving the system's pirate problems for the time being.

Fifth Succession War (3083 - 3086) Edit

Returning to the employ of House Kurita, the Akki Tsubasa/Aura Wings were granted a landhold on Galtor III by then Ambassador to the Department of Mercenary Management Hejito Momoguchi. They quickly set up shop there with a garrison just south of the capitol, but were called to action quickly. It was during this time the Wings played a major role in the decline in relations between the deteriorating Star League and the Dragon. They accepted a contract offer in the Saffel system from the Star League, while secretly also working for House Kurita. Six Metsuke sleeper agents had been planted by the Internal Security Force on Saffel over the past couple of years, and they were now to be extracted. By acting as one of the Dragon's inside men, the Wings used their employemnt with the Star League to funnel additional information to their ISF contacts.

By this time the Wings had expanded with the income from their past contracts and had acquired a Vengeance-class fighter carrier, the 'Hiryu', additional 'Mech forces and armor forces as well as Gazelle-class DropShips to transport them. After Saffel, the Wings participated in the invasion of Rochester, providing the bulk of the air support. Next they were assigned again as part of the invasion force to Marduk in 3084, this time successfully annexed in the absense of Star League intervention. Their final action in the Fifth Succession War was their Objective Raid in the Cassias system, destroying orbital defense systems and radio telescopes to prevent the invasion force's main contingent from being detected on approach. They were then assigned to garrison Galtor III and remained there until after the end of the war, recovering their losses from the continued action and expanding until their next assignment came in 3086.

Operations Phoenix and Neptune Edit

The Wings divided the forces during the 5th Succession War, sending a mixed battalion of troops and two fighter Wings to Capellan space. This detachment participated in Operation Phoenix, a Capellan operation to reclaim worlds lost to House Davion during the 5th Succession War. Their first task was to assist Laurel's Legion in the retaking of Yangtze, placed directly under Sang-shao Irene Laurel's command. The Akki Tsubasa's First Battalion and the bulk of the Wings fighter assets were committed to the attack, and the retaking of Yangtze exceeded expectations with it's speed and efficiency in terms of men and equipment lost on the Capellan side.

With Yangtze secured, Laurel's Legion and the Wings were ordered to advance on to Tigress where heavier defenses were expected. Again they exceeded expectations, securing the better defended Tigress system from the Tigress Militia and Davion mercenaries. The Wings were sent forward again, their air forces still relatively fresh.

The next target was Ziliang as part of Operation Neptune, an attempt to trap Davion troops behind Capellan lines trying to capture the capitol world of Sian. The Wings were assigned as part of a task force that included the 3rd Canopian Light Horse, 6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry, St. Ives Cheveau Legers, and a detachment of Death Commandos. The operation is a success, and Capellan forces draw the proverbial noose around the neck of the Davion forces. Meanwhile, another taskforce was invading and would ultimately be successful in recapturing Tikonov for the Capellan Confederation.

Extending the War with the Rasalhague Dominion Edit

After the end of the 5th Succession War, the Capellan detachment of the Akki Tsubasa returned to Draconis space and joined the rest of the unit, who were garrisoning the Breed system at the time. Then Kuritan Ambassador to the DMM Hejito Momoguchi granted the mercenary unit a small landhold on Galtor III. During their relative period of inaction from late 3086 into 3087, they invested further in their holdings there by expanding a training facility, investing in the beginnings of their own subsidary munitions and armor manufacturer, NAME. A permanent garrison had also been established there, and they became involved in local politics due to the Commander being politically recognized as a Baron.

Though the Fifth Succession war is usually considered to have ended during October or November of 3086, the action on the border of the Combine and Rasalhague Dominion space was hot for a few years beyond those dates. A detachment of the Wings participated in this continued conflict by heading to the periphery, performing a reconnaissance raid on the Schwartz system in advance of the invasion of the system. The DCMS deployed an echelon-type strategy, making it appear as though they were striking at the more Terra-ward systems while really coveting the breadbasket Schwartz system. The bulk of the Wings were assigned as part of a task force conducting a diversionary raid on the Jarret system a few months after the recon detachment arrived at Schwartz, a force that included the 1st Genyosha.

The attack was successful in convincing the Ghost Bears that Jarret was the main target, and reinforcements were sent to the system including at least one WarShip. The Wings and 1st Genyosha narrowly escaped being cut off by the incoming Clan relief troops, and their diversion allowed House Kurita to more easily capture Schwartz, Rockland and Idlewind.

Development of Galtor III Edit

After the Fifth Succession War and the Wings' participation in the action on the Dominion border, they were granted further autonomy in the Galtor system, with Commander Marcus Naslund becoming the Count of the system. Their facilities and involvement there were expanded further, with the New Wuhan Combat Academy beginning to train MechWarriors and armor crews in addition to Aerospace pilots and DropShip crews. The unit also invested in the infrasturcture of the system's main planet, Galtor III. This would help bring the primarily agriculturally productive world into more industrial terms.

During this time from 3087 into mid 3088, parts of the unit participated in minor reconaissance raiding duties into the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance, and helped recover a unit stranded behind in the Colia system, still there since the end of the Fifth Succession War. A battalion was also chosen by the DCPS to assist the Ryuken-ni during 3088 in a special ceremony on Misery, the site of the famous battle decades before against Wolf's Dragoons. This posting of honor and their performence in sparring with the Ryuken unit increased their stock even further in the eyes of the average Combine citizen. Things seemed to be going well for the Akki Tsubasa as they were still called.

Land's End Edit

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Compositional History Edit

3077 Edit

Aura Wings (Squadron/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO: Captain Gina Flannigan, XO: Lieutenant Senior Grade Jacob Brockton

3079 Edit

Aura Wings (Two Squadrons/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO: Captain Gina Flannigan, XO: Lieutenant Senior Grade Yang Zhi

Demon Claws (Lance/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO: First Lieutenant Marian Gaborik

3083 Edit

Akki Tsubasa (Wing/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO: Commander Marcus Naslund, XO: Lieutenant Commander Yang Zhi

Demon Claws (Company/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO: Captain Marian Gaborik

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